A Peek at My Desk

Come take a peek at my “organized chaotic” desk!

I love seeing other people’s writing spaces, so I thought I would share mine with you this week! Forgive the horrendous pictures, for I live in a cave of an apartment and have no professional lighting.

I write and work my day job at my desk in our dining room. Until last August, I had a tiny desk that was just big enough to hold my laptop and maybe a small notebook, but while my husband and I were on our honeymoon, my mom got me this secretary desk! Yeah, it’s supposed to fold up to save space, but I always have my keyboard and mouse out.

It wasn’t until I took these pictures that I realized it looks a bit cluttered! I swear it’s organized chaos! My mom helped a lot by putting my office supplies in little baskets from the dollar store and putting my notebooks all in one place.

A full body shot of my desk and gaming chair. What kind of games do I like? Usually, just The Sims 4, though I do have an Xbox One that I play from time to time (Tomb Raider, Halo, and Assassin’s Creed, since you asked). I basically just like gaming chairs. Plus, it has purple on it!

I just recently got an external keyboard and mouse because I thought it would be more comfortable. It is, but it does have its challenges since they were made for a PC and I have a Mac. There’s no Command button, for example. I really love my galaxy mousepad. It brings me joy.

Please also note the nail clippers, wart medicine, and hair stick in with my pens. Apparently, I do more at my desk than just work. Also, the reason I don’t have many regular pens in that pen cup is because that silver one on the desk, the Pilot Metropolitan, is the only one I use now. I have a backup under my computer stand.

I keep a stack of writing reference books just above my computer for easy access. I haven’t finished Story Genius yet or even started Save the Cat! Writes a Novel, but they’re there to remind me to do so.

The Webster’s II once belonged to a friend of my dad’s who passed away when I was in seventh grade, the year I was homeschooled. I borrowed it constantly and just loved flipping through its pages, reading the definitions and looking at the illustrations. When my dad’s friend passed, my dad thought I should keep it. It’s one of my treasures, even if it is horribly out of date by now.

The little superhero on the right was made during a NaNoWriMo kickoff party one year. She is my little muse!

Lately, I’ve been using the Forest app to time my pomodoros, but I keep a little ladybug timer on my desk just in case I want something that ticks. She was the first timer I used for pomodoros, so she is close to my heart.

Look at that encouraging little smile! OvO

One thing I didn’t take a picture of is my planner, which is currently residing on my box of sewing stuff that should really be in my coat closet. My planner keeps me on track and helps me record my pomodoros throughout the day. Right now, I’m using Sarra Cannon‘s HB90 Method, which I just love because it’s designed specifically for writers!

Next week, I’ll be posting another monthly book update (has it really been a month already???), so be sure to check back in then! If you’re not already, sign up for my newsletter to get instant, important book updates!

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