August 2020 Book Update

August was full of change (and no writing)!

Hoo boy, you guys! August was a bit of a whirlwind for me. I quit my job, packed up our apartment, drove a moving truck to a different state, put a bunch of boxes in my mom’s living room, and have been trying to get the cats and dogs to interact in a civil manner. Oh, and I’ve been taking Sarra Cannon‘s Publish & Thrive course and helping my husband find a job. Needless to say, I didn’t get any writing done in August.

However, I have high hopes for September. I don’t have a job outside the home now, and the Publish and Thrive course has been a huge inspiration for me!

I know some people can’t focus on all the things that need to be done to accomplish a goal because they get overwhelmed. They need to focus on just one thing at a time and then figure out the next step when they get there.

I can’t do that. I need to know what to expect. I need to know where I’m going and exactly what I’m doing. Knowing I’m on step 1 of 100 motivates me to get to work. I can better visualize my end goal if I can visualize all the steps it’s going to take me to get there and accomplishing each step successfully.

Have I mentioned how much I love maps? Maybe it’s my anxiety, but I enjoy a journey through an unknown-to-me place much more when I know exactly where I am and where I’m going. Before I go on a hike, I usually study the map thoroughly, and when I’m hiking, I enjoy checking the map frequently to see where I’m at, how far I’ve gone, and how far until I reach the end. Using the AllTrails app even lets me know what elevation I can expect, and it will notify me if I’ve accidentally gone off course.

The Publish & Thrive course is giving me a clear map. It’s showing me that I’ve been exploring the trailhead for far too long, and it’s time to finish that section and move on to the next. It’s showing me what I can expect and how much work I have to do to attain my goals. Plus, I’ll have access to it forever, so later, I can check to see if I’ve gone off course.

So hang in there, friends! I will definitely be doing more in the next few months! I’m excited to see what September holds for me!

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