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The Gebrana Revolution

1. Spark from an Ember (release date TBD)

Ember dedicated her life to killing supernatural monsters for the Order, but her search for vengeance reveals uncomfortable truths about the church that are impossible for her to ignore.

Ember River and her twin brother Coal live a good life in the harbor city of Great Port. They are bounty hunters for the Order, a church and scientific organization that heavily influences everyday life in the nation of Gebrana. According to the Order, humans are good and all supernatural creatures, known as supes, are evil. The twins have no reason to question the Order until their mentor, Hawthorn, arrives back in town with some startling information.

When Hawthorn turns up dead, killed by a mysterious creature the Order calls a sojuwa, Ember and Coal sneak out of the city in search of justice. However, their journey abroad will teach them more than they ever wanted to know about the supes they hunt and about the family the twins abandoned as teens.

2. Piece of Burning Coal (release date TBD)

3. Little Birdy Told Me (release date TBD)